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This website originated when I heard about a recall petition being circulated against Pat Meyering. I am a Sunnyvale citizen who voted for Pat Meyering and appreciate his efforts. I have monitored city council activities and now feel compelled to provide a community awareness message - an opposing point of view to the recall petitioners. Many citizens share my position on this matter and believe the recall petitioners are acting disgracefully.


And, I believe that city government needs constant oversight by citizens since, left to its own devices, it can degenerate into an expensive mess, as explained briefly in this website.


I am not a politician and have no financial connections with the city other than the taxes that I pay. This website was purchased with personal funds and I receive no financial gain from the website.


Constructive comments as well as criticism are welcomed from other citizens. I will happily consider including truthful information in this website. Thank you for your interest.


I can be reached at:


Chuck Clark