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For developers, BIG projects mean BIG $$, a simple fact. Unleashed, developers can produce congestion and low quality environments for families. It is the responsibility of citizens and their elected officials to ensure REASONABLE development. Citizens should determine the character of the community, not developers.

Developers help themselves by giving money to council members. It establishes an atmosphere of friendship that can yield bigger profits. Council members are human and can be swayed, even subconsciously, to cooperate with a gift-giver that stands to benefit INORDINATELY.

Right now the city is contemplating a huge development project to rebuild administration and services buildings. A lot of $$ will be involved. Do you really believe the city needs to demolish and rebuild? Do you think Sunnyvale needs a new library building? In the birthplace of high tech, our city wants to expand the library while the national trend is to SHRINK libraries! Have a look at the library in San Antonio, TX (and you don’t need to go to our library to read about it). It looks like the devil will be involved in this one.


The Worry

Over-development leads to congestion, limited open spaces, and higher crime rates. One day, your family-friendly community may become undesirable. Most of us do not want Sunnyvale to erode from a family-friendly community to a mini-downtown San Jose.


Corruption is Easy

Too many citizens don’t become well informed. Too many citizens are apathetic. Too many citizens are naive. We have laws that require candidates to report money they have received, yet the council always seems to have a majority that takes special interest money! Whose fault is that? It’s our fault, we the voters. Corruption is simply too easy. Be thankful that people like Pat Meyering are doing the homework and standing guard.




More about Special Interest Money

Why do special interests seem to give $$ to SO MANY potential council members? They don’t seem to be too particular; just the opposite of we ordinary citizens.


Why do council members take special interest $$? Can’t they run their campaigns without it? Some are successful without it.


Why do the MAJORITY of council members take $$ from special interest groups? Once a few accept it, it is easier for others to follow. It certainly gives a big advantage when campaigning, thus producing more winners.


Why are council members REQUIRED BY LAW to report campaign contributions? Because it can indicate conflict of interest and unfair influence on the decisions of the council. Why do voters ignore this information?


Why do council members accept special interest $$ knowing that it raises suspicion? Is it because they know that not many citizens are paying attention?




Watch out for Council Members Justifying Money from Special Interests

You may have heard excuses like this from council members who accepted developer money: “Developers are citizens too, and I share their values”. Now there’s an insult to your intelligence. Compare a $5,000 gift from a developer who can profit substantially (and who views the gift as an investment) to a $50 gift from an ordinary citizen who simply wants the winner to do the best job for Sunnyvale citizens. We are to believe that these two are the same simply because the developer is a citizen, too? It could be that the only “values they share” come in units of $1,000.



Watch out for Illogical Pro-Development Argument

Have you heard pro-development people accuse others of being hypocrites because they oppose expansion/development AFTER they have moved here, as if they want to close the door behind them? Stop and think about that flawed logic for a moment. First, no new development occurs if someone buys an existing home in Sunnyvale! After all, people do leave Sunnyvale every day. And secondly, the notion that all newcomers to Sunnyvale must embrace expansion guarantees virtually unlimited expansion until it maxes out like New York City. At some point you must stop expansion if you want to preserve a decent quality of life!