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City council member attacked for speaking the truth

Silencing Pat

Pat Meyering has urged fellow council members to abstain from voting on issues where a potential conflict of interest exists. His pleas are almost always ignored as some council members routinely vote where conflicts exist. Consequently, Sunnyvale taxpayers are losing money to special interests (contractors, developers, and to city employees). Equally bad, citizens are also seeing a reduction in the quality of the city.

Pat is in a minority of council members who have not accepted money from special interests. Most council members cannot make that claim; by law they must report the money given to them. Patís reward for his attempts to promote fairness in city government is the satisfaction that he represents citizens honestly.

Pat is greatly outnumbered and consequently some council members and ex-members have ganged up on him. He has been censured by the council for speaking the truth regarding the appearance of conflicts of interest. They donít want his comments heard publicly in council meetings.

Since the council is forbidden to silence him entirely, a group led by now ex-council members (some were also involved in the censuring of Pat) is attempting to permanently silence him by starting a recall effort. Not surprisingly, most of the ex-members have taken considerable money from special interests. Some of them may run for council seats in the future. The recall group poses as a grassroots effort yet they are led by the same gang of developer-backed politicians that has occupied city council for many years.

Curiously they want to completely silence Pat just as they contemplate the largest city development project in many years.


Silencing Voters

Many voters elected Pat and are pleased with his efforts. Pat is our voice at the city. And he is our watchman. If he is recalled, we voters would be silenced too.


Letís prevent them from silencing Pat!

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The Sunnyvale city council led by Jim Griffith censured Pat Meyering and probably would have censured Gandhi and Dr. King for being disruptive!

Disturbing Facts

Is Anything Wrong?